Thursday, December 1, 2016

Need your Divorce Decree or Dissolution of Marriage Judgment from Los Angeles County? We Get It, Legalize It and Ship It!

If you need to get a certified copy of your Divorce Decree or Dissolution of Marriage from Los Angeles County, Hollywood Notary Dot Net provides a fast and amazing service!  We can get a Certified Copy your Divorce Decree/Judgment which was granted at the Superior Court of Los Angeles County.  We can also get an Apostille/Certification on it from the California Secretary of State. Finally, we can ship the document to you practically anywhere in the world where Fed Ex or DHL delivers.

Pricing for getting the Divorce Decree or Dissolution Judgment begins at $125, and depends on the distance that we must travel to obtain the document (there are 12 courthouses in Los Angeles County), and the number of pages of the document.

We charge only $95 for getting an Apostille or Certification for getting an Apostille from the California Secretary of State.

We can also get documents legalized through local consulates, the US Dept. of State, and all Embassies in Washington DC (if necessary).  Please ask us for a quote, and we'll be happy to advise you of the steps needed to get your documents fully legalized, and the price.

In most cases for documents going to countries that accept Apostilles, we can get this service done for you in 1 business day, based on one phone call or email.  You can pay on this website through Pay Pal using a Credit Card or Debit Card.  We also accept Pay Pal payments.

Shipping is based on standard Fed Ex rates, and can be obtained on, or by calling Fed Ex at 800-238-5355.

To find out more about getting a Certified Copy of your Divorce or Dissolution of Marriage using our services, please email David Ransom at, or call us at (323)393-5822.

Thank you for choosing Hollywood Notary Dot Net!

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Need Notary Service in Culver City? Use Hollywood Notary Dot Net!

If you are a business or resident of Culver City, California, Hollywood Notary Dot Net offers convenient Mobile Notary Services to anywhere in Culver City.  We also offer walk-in Notary Services at our office on West Adams Blvd., which is rather close to Culver City, and just off the Santa Monica Freeway.

Owner David Ransom is one of the most experienced and professional notaries in Los Angeles, operating Hollywood Notary Dot Net for over 10 years, full-time.  We are open every day until 11PM by appointment (and even after that if you schedule it.)

We charge $10 per notarized signature, plus travel fees.  Travel fees vary by time of day, but are lower during daylight, non-rush hour times.  One great value we offer is the Starbucks Special, where we will travel to any Starbucks location in Culver City for a travel fee of only $20!  This Starbucks Special  is also available at Coffee Bean or any coffee shop/dining place.

To schedule Notary Services with us, please call David Ransom at (323)393-5822.

Our email address is:

Thank you for choosing Hollywood Notary Dot Net!

Need a Notary in West Los Angeles on Saturday or Sunday? Call us for Weekend Notary Services!

If you need dedicated Notary Services on Saturday or Sunday in Los Angeles, consider using Hollywood Notary Dot Net, a professional Notary company.  We offer Mobile Notary Services to anywhere in West Los Angeles on the weekend.  We also offer in-office walk-in Notary services, by appointment only.  For those who wish to save a little cash on Mobile Notary Services, you might love our Starbucks Special, where we travel to any Starbucks location in West LA for only a $20 travel fee.

We charge only $10 per notarized signature for Acknowledgments and Jurats.  We also administer Oaths for $10.

Apostilles and Authentication services are also available on the weekend.

To schedule an appointment with us, please call David Ransom at (323)393-5822.

Thank you for choosing Hollywood Notary Dot Net!

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Last Chance Mobile Notary in Los Angeles- Call Our Emergency Notary Line- $125 Minimum Charge

If you are in an Emergency Need of a Notary Public, we have a last-chance Notary solution.  We have Emergency Mobile Notary Services in Los Angeles available between Midnight and 8PM.   There is a minimum $125 travel fee during these hours, plus fee of $10 per notarized signature, plus any parking fees.   To reach us during these hours, please call our toll-free at 1-888-384-7467.

For those who need service between Midnight and 2PM, we have a slightly-cheaper coffee shop option at a coffee shop near Wilshire Blvd. and Western- we will give you the details if you call to discuss it.

Thank you for choosing Hollywood Notary Dot Net for your Emergency Notary Services.

Need a Mobile Notary (Traveling Notary) in Los Angeles on a Saturday or Sunday ? Use Hollywood Notary Dot Net.

If you need a Mobile Notary (a.k.a. Traveling Notary) in Los Angeles on a Saturday or Sunday,  please consider using Hollywood Notary Dot Net, a professional Mobile Notary Service in Los Angeles, operating for over 10 years now.  We can travel to your home, business, a hospital, or anywhere.  We charge reasonable rates, have fast response times, are familiar with all of the most common documents that need notarization, and pride ourselves in being professional and patient.

We accept cash, business checks and credit cards.  We can travel to all areas of Los Angeles County, including the cities of Beverly Hills, Culver City, Inglewood, Santa Monica, San Marino, Torrance, Hawthorne and El Segundo.

If you want to save a little cash on Mobile Notary Travel fees, consider using our Starbucks Special!

To book Mobile Notary Service with us, please call David Ransom at (323)393-5822.

Thank you for choosing Hollywood Notary Dot Net!

Thursday, October 27, 2016

24 Hour Notary Service in Los Angeles and After Hours Notary

If you need a Notary at any time of day or night, Hollywood Notary Dot Net is one option for you! If you can get us on the phone, then we can help you.  Even past our regular operating hours, we offer 24 hour Mobile Notary Services and after-hours Notary Services.   After-hours charges will apply, from  Midnight until 8AM.

To schedule your after-hours Notary Services in Los Angeles, between Midnight and 8AM,  please call David at (888)384-7467.  Minimum $125 charge during these hours. For appointments between 9:30AM and 11PM, please call David at (323)393-5822.   Thank you for choosing Hollywood Notary Dot Net!

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Military Discounts Available for Notary Services, Apostille Services

Military Discounts of 20 percent are currently available for all Military Personnel who use our Notary Services and Apostille/Legalization Services, including Mobile Notary Services.  We only require Military Identification as proof of military service for this discount, or proof of military retirement.  Discounts do not apply to any government fees that we pay on your behalf, which may be included in our published rates for some services.

Of course, all persons who are applying for their pension from the US Military receive free notarization of such documents (that's the California law)!

To schedule Notary Services with us, please call David Ransom at (323)393-5822.

Thank you for choosing Hollywood Notary Dot Net!

Mobile Notary Services to Park La Brea and The Farmer's Market

If you live in the Park La Brea area of Los Angeles near the Farmer's Market, Hollywood Notary Dot Net offers fast Mobile Notary Services to homes and businesses in the area (including CBS Television City).  We can also meet you directly at Starbucks at the Farmer's Market or The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf on 3rd Street, to take advantage of our Starbucks Special $20 Notary Travel fee.

We also offer Apostille Services.

To schedule a Mobile Notary near Park La Brea and the Farmer's Market, please call David at (323)393-5822.

Thank you for choosing Hollywood Notary Dot Net, where YOU are the star!

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Mobile Real Estate Document Recording Services with Los Angeles County Clerk's Office - Hollywood Notary Dot Net

If you need to file a Deed with the County Clerk of Los Angeles,  Hollywood Notary Dot Net offers fast document recording services.  We can take any deed- Quitclaim Deed, Grant Deed, or other Deed, or any document that is recordable by the Los Angeles County Clerk's office, to their office in Norwalk, California (the headquarters) and get it recorded.  After the document is recorded, we return the document to you next- day via Fed Ex.  We guarantee that all documents will be submitted for recording within 1 business day of receipt by our office.  We offer same-day submission for documents that are in our hands by 1PM PST.

We charge $125.00 for this service, which includes submitting your documents to the recorder's window, paying the fees and then shipping the recorded original document back to your office, using Fed Ex.   This charge does not include the Recording Fees, which are payable to the Los Angeles County Recorder, and for which we will need to be provided a signed check which we can present to the Recorder to write-in the exact amount of payment due.  You are responsible for making sure that your documents are correct and complete before giving them to us, because our $125 fee covers  making one trip only to the County Recorder and shipping the documents back,  and no refunds will be given if the documents are rejected at the window.

For local clients, we offer document pick-up service, starting at $30.00, where we will drive to your location and pick up the document.  Pick-Up Fees vary by distance and time of day.

Documents can be submitted to our office at 4025 W. Adams Blvd. #8, Los Angeles, CA 90018, but an appointment is required.  Call (323)393-5822 for an appointment.

Of course, we also offer Notary Services, for which we charge $10.00 per notarized signature, for California Acknowledgments or Jurats.

To use our Real Estate Document Recording Service with the Los Angeles County Clerk, please call David Ransom at (323)393-5822.

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Notarize Your Parental Permission For Travel Forms For Airlines With Hollywood Notary Dot Net

If you are about to travel internationally with a child, and one or two of the child's parents will not be traveling, it will be required by the airline that you get written permission from the parent or parents who are not traveling for the child to travel either alone or with another adult.  This permission can be either a letter that is written by the parents themselves, or you can use a pre-designed form, many of which are available on the internet.   The non-traveling parent's signature must be notarized by a Notary Public and presented to the airline when you check in to travel.  If you do not have this done before you get to the airport, they will not allow you to check in, and you will not be able to travel on that flight unless you can quickly find a Notary Public to come to the airport and rescue you in time.

To avoid all that, we can help you get that parental permission letter or form notarized!  Just give us a call at (323)393-5822 and make arrangements to stop by, and we will have you on your way quickly.  For your convenience, we can even find and print a parental travel permission form from the internet for you, if you don't already have the form- just choose one and we can print it.  You can also email us your own prepared letter and we can print it, before you arrive at our office.

We also offer Mobile Notary Services, and we can travel to you anywhere- your home, office or the airport.  Open late and available every day!

Please note that the law requires that EVERY non-traveling parent for an international flight must sign a permission letter or form (granting permission for the child to travel),  and have it notarized. For parents who have legal sole custody of their children, or if the other spouse is deceased, then you may have to write a statement explaining this, and have it notarized.

The travel permission forms generally have the following information:

- Name and address of parents granting permission, and phone number
- Name of child
- Passport number of child
- Birth certificate number of child (if too young for passport)
- Name of adult traveling with child (parent or non-parent)
- Whether child is traveling alone
- Destination of travel
- Travel dates
- Emergency contact- phone and email
- Signature of non-traveling parent or parents
- Date
- Notary Certificate

Some forms have sections that grant emergency medical permission- please search the internet for forms that may be appropriate to you.

To make an appointment for getting your parental permission for international travel letter notarized, please call David at (323)393-5822.

Thank you for choosing Hollywood Notary Dot Net!