Thursday, December 29, 2016

Affordable, Reliable Apostille Services from Hollywood Notary Dot Net in Los Angeles, California

If you need to get an Apostille on your notarized documents from California, one of your best options in town for getting it done fast and affordably is Hollywood Notary Dot Net, a professional Mobile Notary Service offering Apostilles and Document Legalizations.  We can expertly notarize your legal document, and get the Apostille fast from the office of the California Secretary of State.  In some cases, we can even have your document ready for you in as little as 2 hours.

We are open every weekday from 9:30AM to 11PM, and weekends from 11AM to 7PM, by appointment.

Apostilles are special document legalizations, authorized by the Hague Convention of 1961.  They allow a 1-stop process for legalizing your documents.

We offer clients the opportunity to drop off their documents at our convenient office, located at 4025 W. Adams Blvd. #8 in Los Angeles, and offer the choice for clients to either pick up their documents at their convenience (by appointment), or to have the documents shipped back to you.  We offer Fed Ex Express and Fed Ex Ground shipping, with shipping pricing starting at $20.00.  We can ship to any international destination offered by Fed Ex.

Pricing for all Apostilles is $95 for the first document in your order, and $75 for each additional document in your order.

Documents brought to us at our West Adams office can be notarized by our expert notary, David Ransom.

We can travel to any local home or business to pick up your documents and notarize them, if needed. A minimum travel fee of $50 will apply, plus our current state-regulated Notary fees.

Other documents that we can get Apostilles for include criminal background checks, Birth Certificates, Marriage Certificates, Death Certificates, Notary Authentications, Diplomas,  Divorce Decrees, Judgments (from the State of California Superior Court),  and any other documents that you might need to get an Apostille for.

In addition to offering Apostilles, we can also get documents legalized through Consulates and Embassies of all the various countries that have consulates and embassies in the United States.  Please inquire with us directly about the fees for these services.  Countries that we routinely get authentications for include: China, Kuwait, Indonesia, Lebanon, Thailand,  the Philippines, and Egypt.   We can authenticate documents for any country in the world where it is legal for U.S. citizens to do business.

You should also know that we can get Apostilles for any state in the United States- please inquire about the pricing.  

We can also get Apostilles for documents from Los Angeles and Orange Counties of California, which have been issued by the local Health Departments and bear the signatures of local health officials.  These documents require special processing (an additional authentication from the County Clerk of the respective counties).  We provide special pricing for getting Apostilles for such documents- we charge only $160.00 for the first such document, and $100 for any additional such document in your order.

If you would like to make an appointment to visit our office, please call David Ransom at (323)393-5822 to make arrangements.  You may also send an email, at

We have a phone line just for Spanish speakers- call Jaime at (323)523-7430.

Thank you for choosing Hollywood Notary Dot Net! We hope to hear from you soon.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Need your Divorce Decree or Dissolution of Marriage Judgment from Los Angeles County? We Get It, Legalize It and Ship It!

If you need to get a certified copy of your Divorce Decree or Dissolution of Marriage from Los Angeles County, Hollywood Notary Dot Net provides a fast and amazing service!  We can get a Certified Copy your Divorce Decree/Judgment which was granted at the Superior Court of Los Angeles County.  We can also get an Apostille/Certification on it from the California Secretary of State. Finally, we can ship the document to you practically anywhere in the world where Fed Ex or DHL delivers.

Pricing for getting the Divorce Decree or Dissolution Judgment begins at $125, and depends on the distance that we must travel to obtain the document (there are 12 courthouses in Los Angeles County), and the number of pages of the document.

We charge only $95 for getting an Apostille or Certification for getting an Apostille from the California Secretary of State.

We can also get documents legalized through local consulates, the US Dept. of State, and all Embassies in Washington DC (if necessary).  Please ask us for a quote, and we'll be happy to advise you of the steps needed to get your documents fully legalized, and the price.

In most cases for documents going to countries that accept Apostilles, we can get this service done for you in 1 business day, based on one phone call or email.  You can pay on this website through Pay Pal using a Credit Card or Debit Card.  We also accept Pay Pal payments.

Shipping is based on standard Fed Ex rates, and can be obtained on, or by calling Fed Ex at 800-238-5355.

To find out more about getting a Certified Copy of your Divorce or Dissolution of Marriage using our services, please email David Ransom at, or call us at (323)393-5822.

Thank you for choosing Hollywood Notary Dot Net!