Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Hollywood Notary.Net Offers Starbucks Special in West Hollywood For Notary Services

If you need a Notary Public to travel to you but you find that it might be nice to save a few bucks on the Notary travel fee, Hollywood Notary.Net offers a Starbucks Special, where our travel fee is only $15 when we meet you at a local Starbucks or any coffee shop of your choice in West Hollywood, California. You will be using the services of a Professional, full-time Notary Public with over 4 years in business.

We charge $10 per notarized signature. For example, to have 1 signature notarized at Starbucks, it will cost you a total of $30. Please see our website for more details on how this works.

If you want us to simply come to your home or business for Notary service, we can also do that at our regular rates.

To use our Starbucks Special for your Notary needs in West Hollywood, call David at (323)393-5822.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Apostille Services - California In Los Angeles by Hollywood Notary.Net

If you need an Apostille for your documents signed by a California Public official (like County Clerks, Notary Public, the Governor, Judges of the Superior Court, the County Health Officer, etc.), we can get a California Apostille for your document. We offer excellent service and great prices! We are flexible in our operating hours, so you can even call or visit us up to 11PM about your order! We are centrally located in Los Angeles off the 10 freeway near the Crenshaw exit, and have quick access to the Los Angeles County Clerk's office in Norwalk and the Secretary of State's office in Downtown Los Angeles.

For local residents that have documents that need to be notarized to obtain an Apostille, if you visit our office by appointment, we will notarize your documents at no extra charge.

Our base rates for Apostilled documents are as follows:

$60 for documents that are already signed by a California County Clerk or other public official that require no further authentication from the Secretary of State's office

$140 for documents that are notarized by Los Angeles County (California) Notaries or Orange County (California) Notaries, where the documents must first be authenticated by the County Clerk's office before going to the Secretary of State's office. This is our 1-day Service. We also offer a 3-day service for these documents for $95 total (saves you $45 over the 1-day service).

We offer pick up and/or delivery service to areas in Los Angeles County, and the price charged depends on the distance from our location- call and ask for a quote. You can also mail or ship your documents to our address. We ship most documents back to you using USPS Priority Mail Service. You can also pick up your documents from our office by appointment once they are ready.

To find out more about our services, call David at (323)393-5822, or visit to see our website. Para asistencia en Espanol sobre su Apostilla, por favor llame a Jaime a (323)523-7430 .

Need A Notary on Christmas Eve in Los Angeles? Hollywood Notary.Net Can Help You!

If you are in need of a Notary Public on Christmas Eve in Los Angeles or the surrounding cities, Hollywood Notary.Net can help you! We are working today and tonight, able to provide you with expert professional Notary Public service. Walk-in service and Mobile Notary Service are available by appointment. We even travel to any airline counter for an extra fee of $20 above our normal fees.

Please call David at (323)393-5822 to schedule your Notary Service today for Christmas Eve.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Brighten Your Day With A Cup of Coffee and Hollywood Notary.Net

If you need a Notary Public in Los Angeles and need an excuse to get out of the office, why not use our Starbucks Special to get your document notarized? With this special service (which I invented), you can meet me at any Los Angeles area Starbucks location (or any other Los Angeles area coffee shop) for $25, and get 1 document notarized. My multi- signature discounts apply to this special, too.

So what are you waiting for? Get your office out of your business, and let's have a private Notary rendezvous at Starbucks! Call David at (323)393-5822 for an appointment.

Happy Hanukkah To Everyone

May you have a Happy Hanukkah, and may the Joy of the Season be with you!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Hollywood Notary.Net Offers Mobile Notary Service and Walk-In Notary Service on Saturdays and Sundays

If you need a reliable, experienced and professional Notary Public on Saturday or Sunday, Hollywood Notary.Net offers Mobile Notary Service to homes, businesses, hospitals and any other locations in Los Angeles and surrounding cities on Saturdays and Sundays. We also allow walk-in appointments to our office at 4025 West Adams Blvd. in Los Angeles by appointment on these days also. We charge $10 per signature notarized. For our Mobile Service, there is a travel fee, but we offer discounts off our travel fee if you have more than 1 signature being notarized. See our main website for prices and details. We also offer Apostille Service, where you can drop your documents off to our office on Saturday and have them processed on Monday morning.

To schedule Notary Service or Apostille Service for the weekend, please call David Ransom at (323)393-5822.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Notarized Certificates of Authenticity Can Make Collectible Art and Sports Memorabilia More Valuable

If you are a collector of original art by a famous artist, or a collector of sports memorabilia, you would probably love to have a piece that was signed by the artist or athlete, right? There are many places that sell paintings or sculptures with Certificates of Authenticity. Some of those are even signed by the artist (I have one signed by Eyvind Earle, for some artwork that I bought a few years ago).

Think about this, though. It is really nice to have a signed Certificate of Authenticity by the artist. However, what proof do you have that the artist really signed it, and that it is not a fake?

Sometimes vendors of Sports Memorabilia present photographs to show that an athlete- a baseball player, for example, has signed a hat. They might even supply a Certificate of Authenticity for that. But again, you might still wonder if the athlete really signed the Certificate, and is what you see really the hat in the picture.

One way to absolutely know that a particular artist or athlete has signed a Certificate of Authenticity for a piece of artwork or sports memorabilia is to have the Certificate notarized by a credible, professional, trusted Notary Public. Hollywood Notary.Net offers this service to both amateur and professional artists and professional athletes who wish to create value for their clients by offering this valuable service.

Notarized Certificates of Authenticity can be of great value for several reasons. For one, the Notary affirms the identity of the person signing the certificate. The Notary must actually BE IN THE PRESENCE of the artist or athlete, and must communicate directly with that person. Secondly, there is a PUBLIC RECORD that the artist or athlete actually signed the Certificate, and this PUBLIC RECORD (which is recorded in the Notary Public's Journal in California) can be researched (in California, Notaries are required to turn in their Notary Journals to the County Clerk within 6 months after the end of an active Notary's commission). The artist or athlete's signature would be in the Notary Public's Journal (one entry for each Certificate signed). The content of the Certificate of Authenticity would be completely composed by the artist, athlete, or their lawyers or representatives, but the notarization would be according to California law.

If you are an artist and would like to discuss adding Notarized Certificates of Authenticity to your artistic repertoire, please call Notary Public David Ransom, owner of Hollywood Notary.Net, at (323)393-5822.