Sunday, October 30, 2011

Apostille Service for California Documents on Sunday in Los Angeles with Hollywood Notary.Net

If you need to get an Apostille on your important documents on a Sunday in Los Angeles, Hollywood Notary.Net offers Sunday Apostille Service. If you bring us your documents on Sunday (or if you call for us to come to you), we can notarize your document, if needed, and have your Apostille back to you on Monday!

We accept Birth Certificates, Marriage Certificates, Death Certificates, Power of Attorney, Deeds, other County-Certified documents, Superior Court-Certified documents, copies of Transcripts, copies of Diplomas, copies of Passports, and more for Apostille. We are experts at this process, and you will be happy with our service.

To get a quick quote on our Sunday Apostille Service, please call David Ransom at (323)393-5822.

For service in Spanish, please call Jaime at (323)523-7430.

Thank you!

Sunday Notary Service in Los Angeles, California with Hollywood Notary.Net

If you need a Notary Public in Los Angeles County on Sunday, please be advised that Hollywood Notary.Net provides Notary Service on Sunday. Whether you want walk-in service, the Starbucks Special or Mobile Notary Service to your home or business, we can do it for you!

To order your Sunday Notary Service, please call David Ransom at (323)393-5822

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Hollywood - Mobile Notary Service in Los Angeles

If you need a Notary Public to come to your home or business location, or to a hospital or movie-shoot, Hollywood is the company that you should use! We have experience in notarizing all kings of documents- Grant Deed, Power of Attorney, Deed of Trust, Sworn Affidavits, Certificate of Identity, California Copy Certification By Document Custodian, and more.

If you need to get an Apostille for documents going overseas, we can get that for you, too!

To schedule an appointment, please call David Ransom at (323)393-5822.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Apostille Service- Get Apostille from California for Mexico with Hollywood in Los Angeles

If you need to get a California Apostille for use in Mexico, Spain, France, Germany, Argentina or anywhere else, Hollywood Notary.Net offers fantastic Apostille service! We are fast- we process Birth Certificates, Marriage Certificates and Death Certificates within 1 business day of receipt- please visit our website by clicking here for our page with the details and the Order Form.

If you have questions, please call David at (323)393-5822.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Apostille Services for Beverly Hills, West Hollywood and Century City, California by Hollywood Notary.Net

If you are in Century City, West Hollywood or Beverly Hills, Hollywood Notary.Net provides expert Mobile Apostille Services! We do all the legwork- we come to your office, notarize your documents, and take them to the County Clerk and the Secretary of State, in order to get your documents processed fast- we can sometimes even get it done same-day, and have the documents back on your desk within 4 hours! We are experts, and have obtained California Apostilles for all kinds of documents, including Power of Attorney, Certified Copies of Grant Deeds, Birth Certificates, Copy of Passport, Adoption paperwork, Affidavits, Marriage Certificates, and more. We offer fair, competitive pricing, and we have 5 years of experience in providing professional Notary Public and Apostille work.

To schedule an appointment with us or for a quote, please call David Ransom at (323)393-5822

Mobile Notary Public and Apostille Services in Monterey Park and Montebello

If you are in Monterey Park or Montebello, California need a Mobile Notary Public to notarize your important documents or if you need to get an Apostille (Apostilla in Spanish) from California for a document going to another country like Mexico, Hollywood Notary.Net provides expert services in these areas. We have been performing Notary work and Apostille Services for almost 5 years, helping many individual families and even major corporations with their important documents.

To schedule Notary Services or Apostille Services for Monterey Park or Montebello, please call David Ransom at (323)393-5822.

Notary Public For Domestic Partnership Paperwork in Los Angeles

If you are filing a Domestic Partnership Affidavit with Los Angeles County or with the Secretary of State and you are in Los Angeles, Hollywood Notary.Net would love to help! We can travel to meet you at your home or business. If saving money is your thing, our Starbucks Special is fantastic! Meet us at a local Starbucks and pay only $33 total for both people to be notarized! What a deal!

To schedule Mobile Notary Service, please call David Ransom at (323)393-5822.

Notary Public Near The Grove in Los Angeles

If you are in Los Angeles and need Notary Service near The Grove (also near Farmer's Market), Hollywood Notary.Net offers Mobile Notary Service to anywhere near the Grove or Farmer's Market. With our Starbucks Special, you would pay only $25 total for notarizing one signature! We can get to The Grove very quickly- usually within 20 minutes of your call!

To schedule your Mobile Notary Service near The Grove, please call David at (323)393-5822.

Mobile Notary Public in Culver City

If you are in Culver City and need a Mobile Notary Public to travel to your home or business, Hollywood offers fast Mobile Notary Service to Culver City- we are very close, located in Los Angeles in Mid-City. If you prefer to travel to your Notary to save on travel fees, we also offer walk-in service by appointment only. For a limited time, our Starbucks Special also works in locations in Culver City- you can get one signature notarized by us at Starbucks for $25 total! We also offer Apostille Services.

To schedule your Notary service in Culver City, please call David Ransom at (323)393-5822.

Apostille Services in Los Angeles for College, University, High School and Elementary School Transcripts

If you have University Transcripts or School Transcripts that are being sent to another country and need to be Apostilled, Hollywood Notary.Net offers expert Apostille Service for College, University, High School and other school transcripts.

When you visit our office or call us to come to you, we examine your documents, assist you with the proper paperwork, notarize your documents, and we do the legwork in obtaining your Apostille, either with our 1-day or 3-day Apostille Services.

We can also get Apostilles for Birth Certificates, Death Certificates and Marriage Certificates.

We are located in Los Angeles in the Mid-City area, just off the 10 Freeway (Santa Monica Freeway) near the Crenshaw exit. We have convenient street parking.

For a free, no-obligation quote or to make an appointment, please call David Ransom at (323)393-5822. If you make an appointment with us for between 11:00AM and 12:00PM at our Los Angeles home office for Apostille Service, we will take $5 off your order!

Expert Mobile Notary and Chinese Authentication Service in Los Angeles

If you need your documents notarized for use in China, Hollywood Notary.Net specializes in notarizing documents that will be used in China. We do all the work: visiting the Los Angeles County Clerk for Notary Authentication, visiting the Secretary of State for Authentication, and dropping off the documents at the Chinese Consulate in Los Angeles, and picking up the documents when they are ready, and shipping or delivering the documents back to you, our customers.

Common documents that we get Authentication for are: Power of Attorney, Photocopies of Passports, and more. We are experts at obtaining Authentication from the Chinese Consulate.

For a free, no-obligation quote for Chinese Authentication of your important documents, please call David Ransom at (323)393-5822.

Hollywood Notary.Net Presents The Starbucks Special

If you need a Notary Public to notarize your important documents and you need to get out of your home and office for a break, why not call David at Hollywood Notary.Net and make an appointment using the Starbucks Special? With the Starbucks Special (which David created, by the way), you can meet me at any of the listed Starbucks locations on our website and pay for a travel fee of only $20, plus $10 per notarized signature. Additionally, if you have more than 1 signature being notarized, we take $2 off the travel fee for every additional notarized signature past the first signature.

The Starbucks Special is available during the hours of 10AM and 7:30PM for the prices quoted here.

So, get out of that office! Leave home for a while! Get that Notary paperwork done, stop putting it off! Call David today at (323)393-5822 and ask for the Starbucks Special!