Thursday, January 3, 2013

Need a Mobile Notary Public in Hollywood, California? Hollywood Notary.Net Is Your Best Choice

If you need a Mobile Notary Public to come to your home or business, or to any location in Hollywood, CA, Hollywood Notary.Net is your best choice for receiving expert Notary services. We offer fair, reasonable pricing, fast service, great attitude and fantastic personality. We have been serving the Hollywood area for over 6 years now! We are always honest,  frank and up-front with you about our pricing and service!

Our Rates are simple:  $35 Travel Fee to any home in Hollywood, and $38 Travel Fee to any business.  Additionally, there is a $10 per signature Notarization fee.    However, we reward you with discounts when there are many signatures to notarize:  you get $2 off the travel fee per each notarized signature that totals more than one.  For example, if we have 5 signatures to notarize when we get to your business, we give you a discount of $8 off the travel fee (because 5 signatures is 4 more signatures than 1, and 4 times $2 equals $8), so the total travel fee would be $30 and the notarization fee would be $50 ($10 per signature notarized times 5), so your total is $80.

We service all the nearby areas of Hollywood as well, including West Hollywood, Hancock Park, Studio City, Park La Brea, Los Feliz and Silverlake.  

Finally, no description of our business would be complete without telling you about our famous Starbucks Special, where we can travel to and meet you at any Starbucks location within 8 miles of our home location for only a $15 travel fee plus Notarization fees of $10 per notarized signature! Starbucks locations further away than that can also be done at a slightly higher price.

To schedule an appointment with us, please call David Ransom at (323)393-5822.