Thursday, December 12, 2013

Do You Need A Notary or to get an Apostille in Hollywood or Los Feliz, CA? Call Hollywood Notary Dot Net!

If you need a Notary Public to come to your home, business, hospital, movie shoot or any location in Hollywood or Los Feliz, HollywoodNotary.Net provides fast, reliable and affordable Notary  and Apostille services to your area!  I am known for my friendliness, professionalism and results.  Tired of your bad-attitude, ho-hum Notary?  Want someone who loves his job and has a can-do attitude about everything  Call David Ransom now at (323)393-5822 and let's get it done!

Thank you for choosing HollywoodNotary.Net!

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Apostille Document Review and Consultation Services Available in Los Angeles- California Apostilles, US Apostilles

If you are in Los Angeles need to get either a California Apostille or US Apostille and you don't know exactly what to do and you cannot afford to make any mistakes, can help you obtain your Apostilles quickly.  We offer 1-day processing of California Apostilles, and 1-week processing of US Apostilles.  If you are not sure of how to begin with your Apostille or Authentication process, we can visit your location to see what you have, and advise you with the next steps.  If your documents need notarization, we can do that for you.  If you choose to go and get the Apostilles from the Secretary of State yourself, we can point you down the right path after we review all your documents, with our Apostille Document Review and Consultation Service.

The Apostille/Document Review is available in Los Angeles and surrounding cities: Beverly Hills, Downtown LA, Culver City, Santa Monica,  and other areas.

The charge for the in-person Document Review and Consultation is $20 if you bring your documents to our location,  plus $10 per notarized signature on your documents if they require notarization and you want us to notarize them for you.   If you choose to hire us to do the work for the Apostille Service, the Document Review is free, but standard Apostille Charges will apply.

The Service costs $30 if I visit you at a local Starbucks. 

The charge for our Apostille/Authentication Document Review and Consultation Service at your location is $50, plus $10 per signature for any documents that you would like notarized.     If you choose to hire us to do the Apostille Service after the Document Review, then  the Document Review is free, but then our normal Apostille Service Charges and Travel Fees apply.

With our Document Review and Consultation, you will be assured that your documents will be notarized correctly, and  you will have a clear path to getting your documents either Apostilled or Authenticated properly yourself if you desire.  Doing it yourself can save you money, if you have time on your hands! 

To schedule an appointment to visit our West Adams location or to schedule an appointment at your local home or business, please call David Ransom at (323)393-5822.  

Thank you for choosing for your Apostille and Authentication needs.