Saturday, December 26, 2009

Apostille California Poem - Hollywood Notary.Net

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Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas From Hollywood Notary.Net

Hollywood Notary.Net wishes you a Merry Christmas! And, if you are in Los Angeles, CA or Hollywood, CA and you need a Notary Public on Christmas or during the Christmas weekend, give me a call! I can still assist you with all of your Notary needs. Also, if you need to get an Apostille during the holiday season, we are currently only performing the 3-day service until January 4th, 2010.

Again, Merry Christmas! Be careful, enjoy yourself, and watch my blog, Habitat For Christmas, which is full of short Christmas season videos.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Certificate of Good Standing for California Corporations and LLC's.

If you need a Certificate of Good Standing for your California Corporation or California LLC, we can get it for you quick! Visit www.HollywoodNotary.Net/CertificateOfStatus for more information. Included in the price is an email of the document to you!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Hollywood Notary.Net- Fast, Friendly Professional Notary Service

If you need a Notary Public in the Los Angeles area, please consider using Hollywood Notary.Net, a professional Mobile Notary Public Service in Los Angeles. We serve all of Los Angeles, Hollywood, Santa Monica, Downtown LA, Culver City, Westchester, Monterey Park, and other areas of Los Angeles! We offer affordable, competitive pricing. When you visit our website, check out the Starbucks Special, which will save you at least $15 when you schedule your Notary appointment at a Starbucks or other coffee shop!

To schedule your Notary appointment, please call David at (323)393-5822.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Use Hollywood Notary.Net For Mobile Notary Service in Los Angeles

Hollywood Notary.Net is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for your Notary Public needs. Whether to your home, business, hospital, movie set, or in our office, we are here to serve you! Call David at (323)393-5822 for an appointment!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Hot Tip For People With Cold or Flu

That Tortilla soup from El Pollo Loco is really good for people who have a cold or flu. I had 2 bowls yesterday, and I just had one bowl today (after taking some Mucinex DM). The flu is going around, people, so wash your hands, cover your mouth, buy some hand sanitizer for the car, and drink lots of hot liquid anyway. Watch what you eat, too, and get enough fiber (did you know that over 70 percent of your body's immune system is in your digestive system?)

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Hollywood Notary.Net Notary Public Location near West Adams Section of Los Angeles

If you ever need a Notary Public an you are driving home from West Los Angeles (West LA) or Santa Monica along the 10 Freeway (Santa Monica Freeway), and you Need a Notary Public, why not use Hollywood Notary.Net? We offer professional Notary service at our location which is near the Crenshaw exit of Interstate 10. We are available by appointment only.

To make your appointment, call David Ransom at (323)393-5822.

Use Hollywood Notary.Net's Starbucks Special in Los Angeles

If you need a Notary Public to notarize your documents and you're in Los Angeles, why not try our Starbucks Special? With this unique service which was created by Hollywood Notary.Net, we meet you at your favorite local Starbucks location in Los Angeles and notarize your documents for you, while you chill out with your favorite coffee, tea, latte, hot chocolate, or whatever you like at Starbucks. If you don't like Starbucks and you prefer another coffee house like Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf or even McDonalds, we can meet you there, too.

With the Starbucks Special, you save on what you would normally pay for a housecall or a call to your business. In fact, you save $15 off the cost of a housecall, and $18 off what you would pay for our travel fee for a business call. For $30, we travel to Starbucks and you get 1 signature notarized!

Benefits to you with the Starbucks special: you get out of the office, and sit down with a calm, cool, knowledgeable Notary professional. Your documents get done right, the first time. You also get to meet David Ransom, one of the coolest Notaries around Los Angeles, and he's an Actor, to boot!

So go on, get out of the office or out of the house! Enjoy one of the great pleasures that Los Angeles has to offer! Use Hollywood Notary.Net's Starbucks special today! Available from 10AM til 9PM every day!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Notary Public Open Sunday in Los Angeles, CA

If you need a Notary Public in Los Angeles on a Sunday, Hollywood Notary.Net will oblige you- we allow walk-in appointments, and we also do Mobile Notary Service on Sunday. Our weekend rates are the same as our weekday rates.

For excellent Notary service by a professional, call David Ransom at (323)393-5822.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Disney World Trip Postponed- For You, Los Angeles!

I was scheduled to be at the Villas at the Wilderness Lodge at Walt Disney World in Florida, beginning tonight, and lasting until Thursday, October 1st. I decided to postpone my trip (until December, when I hope that I can get a room!), because money is tight right now. Besides, business is normally slow for me in December right after Christmas, so that would be a perfect time for me to get my Walt Disney World fix.

Yesterday I went to a preview of The Walt Disney Family Museum in San Francisco. That place was amazing! It was beautiful, it told a comprehensive story of Walt Disney's life without being too boring, and it told the history of this country just by telling about the life of this man! Congratulations to Diane Disney Miller and the Disney family for opening what I'm sure will become a top draw in the City of San Francisco!

Anyway, going to the Walt Disney Family Museum made me realize that I was getting my Disney fix right there and then, and that by postponing my trip to WDW would buy me some time to make some cash (which I'm trying very hard to do) and to do something that I've never done- be at WDW right around Christmas time (I have been there in November before, when there were Christmas decorations all over, but I want to go right when the Holiday excitement is still in the air (and when the park is really, really crowded). It'll be fun!

So I hope that you will use Hollywood Notary.Net for your Notary Public and California Apostille needs!

Desperate Notaries - Los Angeles

Sounds like a TV show, doesn't it? I'm just kidding with the title- sounded good, though. Right?

If you need a Notary Public who's cool, laid-back, but professional, experienced and really good, look no further than Hollywood Notary.Net, a professional Mobile Notary Service in Los Angeles, serving Hollywood and all of Los Angeles. While I'm really not desperate, I am fair in my Notary pricing, and I believe that Notaries should be paid fairly.

Let's say you need a plumber, so you find one online, and he comes over. That's what, $50 or $75 just for him to show up, and he hasn't done anything yet. You get a bill- it's for at least $100, maybe $175.

Well, people, let me tell you this: if I ever charge you for a total bill any more than $64, it means that you had me over doing some serious work, and lots of it!

My charge for a house-call is $45, which includes one signature notarized. Each additional signature is effectively $8 (see my pricing for calculation of rates).

My charge for a business-call is $48, which includes one signature notarized. Each additional signature is effectively $8 (up to a certain amount).

My charge for my Hollywood Special or my Starbucks special is $25, which includes one signature notarized while at my "secret spot" in Hollywood or at a Starbucks location. Each additional signature is effectively $8 (up to a certain amount of signatures).

So there you have it. The prices of being Notarized at Hollywood Notary.Net. Is that too expensive? If you think it is, then you probably wouldn't value my service or any service that professional people perform anyway. I really don't like cheap people- I hate 'em, in fact. Sometimes they have to learn the hard way that it's better to do it right upfront than do save a few bucks right now. There's a lot of Notaries who make small errors that you might not know about now, but you find out later when a document gets rejected for recording by the County Clerk's office (and there are many reasons this can happen).

Desperate Notary? No. Stupid Notary? No.

Moderate Business Today

A day in the life of a Hollywood Notary.

First, I went down to the Secretary of State's office downtown to get an Apostille for a client. When I got outside the building, there was a line outside, and the door was locked.

"What's going on?", I asked. "The power was off. It's back on, but they haven't let anyone in yet". Oh. That was the State of California building downtown on Spring Street in Los Angeles. After a 2-minute wait, I got into the building, put all my stuff through the x-ray machine, and went up to the office to take care of business.

Two hours later, I met 2 clients at my "secret spot" in Hollywood, where we had a nice chat while I notarized their documents. One of the people was a comedian that I had heard of before. He made fun of my Disney autograph book. I asked him if he was going to use it in his act. We'll see.

Afterwards, I went to my second Notary appointment nearby. It went pretty smoothly.

On the way home, I deposited some well-needed checks into the ATM.

I came home and prepared the Apostille shipment to my client here in California. It was a document for use in Mexico.

I stopped at the post office to ship a package. I went to Chef Marilyn's to get me some healthy soul food for late lunch.

I'm reading my email, updating my websites, and trying to make some more cash-ola.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Imitation Is Flattery?

They say that imitation is the highest form of flattery. If that is true, then I guess that I should feel really flattered that a local Mobile Notary Public here in Los Angeles not only "imitated" just one of the policies that I created, it seems that he also "lifted" several of my sound, self-created Notary policies, including my stated Waiting Fee and Hotel Parking Fee. He copied them word for word! Wow!

I've been copied before. A Mobile Notary from the Bay Area of California called me and told me that he thought that my Starbucks Special was genius, and that he was going to steal my idea. I didn't mind that, because he TOLD me he was doing it, and paid me a compliment, so that was way different. He didn't copy me word-for-word, either.

This other guy, on the other hand, is surprising. I bloody well can't sue him or anything, I suppose. Would that be ridiculous? It's just that my words have been lifted, word-for-word. Wow again. And get this- he has the nerve to put "copyright" at the end of his pages! Do I dare name the culprit? Nah...not today anyway. I just found this out not ten minutes ago, too.


Thursday, September 24, 2009

Rate Hollywood Notary.Net's Mobile Notary Service

This posting is for past clients to leave comments about the service that you received from Hollywood Notary.Net. Please leave comments here below!

Thank you for your comments, and for your past business!

Rate Hollywood Notary.Net's Apostille Service for California Documents

If you have used Hollywood Notary.Net for getting your Apostilles, I would appreciate it if you could leave me some feedback here under "comments", so that other potential customers can see how your experience was (it will make me feel good, too).

Thank you for your time, and for using Hollywood Notary.Net for all your California Apostille and related Services, including Los Angeles County Notary Authentication, Orange County Notary Authentication, California Corporation Certificate of Good Standing, and Embassy/Consulate Legalization.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Need To Make Extra Cash Part-Time from Home? Check this out!

Recently, one of the companies whose products that I sell (and right now there is only one such company, besides my own company, Hollywood Notary.Net) announced a new way that they will be marketing themselves. This company offers you a great product to market (and use), and another whole new way that you can make money. Please check out to find out what I'm talking about. If you are interested in signing up for this, I can meet you in person and get you started right away!

For more information or to get started in this business, call David at (323)393-5822.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Things Will Be Better- Help Yourself!

It's tough economic times, that's for sure. In Los Angeles things are really tough. They announced on TV today that Los Angeles city will lay off 900 workers. What is there to do? For me, I will continue to work hard and pull myself up despite the heavy loss in loan signing income. One way I will overcome this bad economy is to become more innovative in my Hollywood Notary.Net business. I'm already implementing several new things- we will see how they work!

Notary Authentication Service for Los Angeles and Orange County Notaries

If you need an authentication of Notary Public for a Notary Public in either Los Angeles County or Orange County, Hollywood Notary.Net can help! With these services, you can get your Notary Authentication either quickly or within 3 days! If you like to save money on your Notary Authentication services or Apostille service (for California documents), you have to check us out!

For questions regarding our Service, call David at (323)393-5822.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Saturday and Sunday Notary Public Service in Los Angeles, California near West Adams

If you need a Notary Public for your documents (either walk-in or Mobile Notary), you can rely on Hollywood Notary.Net to be there for you! All you need to do is call David and make an appointment: (323)393-5822. Available 24 hours a day, and you will get expert Notary service, too! I'm located in the West Adams area, but I can travel to any other area of Los Angeles if needed.

Don't forget about my Starbucks Special, where you can meet me at any Los Angeles Starbucks (or any favorite coffee shop or eatery) and get one document notarized for a total of $25!

Call David at (323)393-5822.

Monday, August 17, 2009

The Starbucks Special from Hollywood Notary.Net saves you money for Notary Services!

If you are busy at work, need something notarized and need a break, Hollywood Notary.Net has the solution- The Starbucks Special! We can meet you at a Starbucks on your lunch break (or The Coffee Bean, if you wish), notarize your documents quickly, and you can go on and have your break and not have to worry about those important documents anymore! If you need a Notary and just want to get out of the office while getting paid for Company business, I can help you there, too. Come meet me at Starbucks or at my secret spot in Hollywood (which serves coffee) and get your documents notarized, drink some coffee, relax a little, and still get paid!!! Yes!

With the Starbucks special, you pay a total of $30 for one notarized signature.

To take advantage of The Starbucks Special, call David at (323)393-5822

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Notary Exam Passed. Again.

I took the Notary exam to get my commission renewed. I've done all the other things that are required, like the livescan. Now I'm just waiting for my new commission to arrive. Yay! I plan to add more services to my Notary business.

I'm kind of tired of working as a signing agent for signing companies- they haven't been calling even 25% as much as they were 3 months ago, and, consequently, I ain't makin' no stinkin' money .

Besides that, there was one company that I had done some work for before over the past year. Recently they started using me for a flurry of signings, that took place over the course of about 3 weeks. Some of these signings, however, had problems where the loans ultimately didn't go through, and now the signing company is refusing to pay me for work performed. In fact, they won't even return my phone calls or emails on the subject. (I'm about to get my law firm on their asses!) I pay to keep that law firm on retainer!

Money is really tight, but at least I had a couple of calls for my Starbucks Special tonight, so at least I can buy some gas! Speaking of gas, I bought $11 worth today, and as I pulled in my driveway tonight, the empty light is coming on again! Oh, well, I can guarantee you that before 9AM tomorrow, I'm gonna be putting another $10 in there.

On tap for tomorrow, I have one loan signing in Los Angeles, although the borrowers have not called me back yet (sometimes when they don't call you back, the signing gets canceled or taken away from you for some reason). Oh, well, I'm not gonna worry about that now.

With Netflix, I've rented "Push", starring Dakota Fanning and my cousin, Chris Evans. It looks like a cool film- can't wait to start watching it. Lots of action and violence.

Ok, he's not my cousin.

The Hollywood Special and The Starbucks Special- Affordable Notary Public For Evening in Los Angeles

If you need a Notary Public after you get off work, Hollywood Notary.Net offers the Hollywood Special in Hollywood, and the Starbucks Special at select Starbucks, which can save you a lot of money (and lift your spirits) at night! See our main website for details. Call David at (323)393-5822 for your appointment today!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Grade School Is Now Online!

I just discovered (from an email advertisement) about a new online school for students in Southern California. It's called the So Cal Online School Network, and it seems great! It's offered through a teaming of 3 Charter Schools. I read their whole website, and discovered several great things about it:

1. It's free to students in grades 6-12

2. They give you an internet allowance of $180 per year.

3. You would take all of your classes online, 5 or 6 classes per semester

4. They have some really good courses, the same ones that I took in junior high school and high school year ago.

5. They offer Advanced Placement courses.

Since schools in California are already overcrowded and, with budget cuts, are becoming even more so, I could see the need for something like this. I'm glad it's here.

To see the So Cal Online School Network, visit their website at

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Sunday Notary Los Angeles

Need a Notary Public in Los Angeles, CA on Sunday? Hollywood Notary.Net is open on Sunday! To schedule an appointment, call David at (323)393-5822.

Apostille Service for California Documents Going to Mexico

If you have an important document that is going to Mexico, and you need an Apostille for it, we can help you. Hollywood Notary.Net offers a fast, convenient, and inexpensive Apostille Servicefor your official California certified or notarized documents. Certified documents can include court orders, birth certificates, or marriage certificates. Notarized documents are documents that are notarized by a Notary Public in California. For more information, please call David at (323)393-5822.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Hollywood Notary.Net Now Accepts Disney Dollars For Payment

If you are a huge Disney fan and you have some extra Disney Dollars that you may have picked up at Disneyland or Walt Disney World, and you happen to need a Notary Public, you will be happy to know that you can spend your Disney Dollars at Hollywood Notary.Net, with the value being one US Dollar for every Disney Dollar! Why Disney Dollars, you may ask? Because this Notary loves Disney!

To schedule an appointment for Notary service with your Disney Dollars, call David at (323)393-5822.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Notary Public Los Angeles, 90004 and 90036

If you live in zip codes 90004 or 90036 and you need a good Mobile Notary Public, please consider using Hollywood Notary.Net, a Professional Mobile Notary Public Service in Los Angeles. I come to your home, office, Starbucks, church or film set- I do it all the time! So, if your documents are important, go with a Pro who's in the know- Hollywood Notary.Net!

For fast service, call David at (323)393-5822.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Enjoy The Silence

So far this weekend, I haven't had any calls for Notary Public work. On the surface that might seem like a bad thing, but in reality, I worked so hard last week, I do need a break. Money is tight- but sanity and rest are needed. I need to learn how to just relax. One thing will force me to NOT work today (Sunday)- I used up all my space in my Notary journal! Therefore, until tomorrow, when I get a new journal, I'm forced to simply relax and, like Depeche Mode says, "enjoy the silence".

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Fed Ex Kinkos Getting Out of the Notary Business in California

I went to Fed Ex Kinkos on Tuesday (yesterday) to ship a Fed Ex package, and I was told that Fed Ex has decided to get out of the Notary Public business, at least in California. Some locations may still have Notaries, but that will all end starting next year. Some people who are Notaries have already decided to quit being Notaries.

"Why are they getting out of the Notary business?", I asked. Well, for one, I was told, the Company spent a lot of money to have the people trained in it, and they weren't getting a large return for the investment. Also, people who go to Fed Ex Kinkos (AKA Fed Ex Office) for a Notary Public tend to be cheap as well as demanding (a nice word for asshole-ish). Now, demanding I can handle if they pay me right, but cheap AND demanding? Hell no! The final reason that Fed Ex is getting out of it is because the employees there, for the most part, HATED doing Notary work. That's good, because people who hate doing something really shouldn't be doing it anyway. Right?

Oh, well...I like doing Notary work, so if you're not an asshole and not cheap, and if you need a good Notary Public in or near Los Angeles, California, call David at (323)393-5822.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Apostille Service for California Documents - Use Hollywood Notary.Net

If you have documents that need an Apostille- a notarized letter, a Birth Certificate, Death Certificate, or other California document, Hollywood Notary.Net offers you several Apostille Services to fit your time needs and your budget. Check out our website for details. We can also go to local embassies in Los Angeles for legalization (when required).

Get your California Apostille for destinations such as Mexico, El Salvador, France, Australia and South Korea- use Hollywood Notary.Net!

For Apostille Service of your California documents, call David at (323)393-5822.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Hollywood Notary.Net offers Notary Service on Sunday in Los Angeles

Need a Notary Public on Sunday in Los Angeles? If so, consider using Hollywood Notary.Net, a professional Mobile Notary Service company in Los Angeles, offering walk-in and Mobile Notary (Traveling Notary) services every day, including Saturday and Sunday. I always answer the phone, and will call you back promptly if you ever need to leave a message!

Walk-in service by appointment is available at 4025 W. Adams Blvd. in Los Angeles, 90018.

For Notary Service in Los Angeles on Sunday or any day, call David at (323)393-5822.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Hollywood Notary.Net Mobile Notary Service in Los Angeles

Need a Mobile Notary Public (Traveling Notary) in Los Angeles? If so, then please consider Hollywood Notary.Net, a professional Mobile Notary Public service in Los Angeles. We can come to your house, your business, or even a hospital. If you want to save a few bucks, we offer a great affordable Starbucks Special, where you can meet me at your favorite Starbucks location, coffee shop or eatery and get your Notary Public service done while you dine!

For quick Mobile Notary Service, call David at (323)393-5822.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

See "Some Girls", with Patrick Dempsey

I just finished watching one of my favorite movies, "Some Girls", starring Patrick Dempsey and Jennifer Connelly. It was such a great film! I first saw it around 1990, and I loved it. It's one film that can actually get me to cry in places. It's kind of a wacky film, and yet has some great emotional moments. This film is available to watch instantly on your computer with Netflix. To order Netflix, you can visit Hollywood Notary.Net and click on the Netflix ad to get 2 free weeks of Netflix. Try it out!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Notary Public in Los Angeles, CA 90004

If you need a Notary Public or Mobile Notary (Traveling Notary) in zip code 90004 in Los Angeles, you should consider using a professional Notary Public. Hollywood Notary.Net provides professional Notary Public and Mobile Notary Public Services in the Hancock Park, Park La Brea, and Larchmont Village areas of Los Angeles, as well as other areas of Los Angeles. What is a Professional Notary Public? It's someone who has made his or her job the practice of being a Notary Public- someone who earns a living being a Notary Public, not just someone who does it as a hobby or on the side. When the chips are down, the difference between whether your Notary Public is experienced and aware of the changing Notary laws or not could be the difference between whether or not your documents have been notarized properly. Why not use a Professional?

For professional Notary Public or Mobile Notary Service, call David at (323)393-5822.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Apostille Service For Birth Certificates, Death Certificates and Marriage Certificates from Los Angeles County

If you need an Apostille on your important documents from Los Angeles County, like Birth Certificates, Death Certificates or Marriage Certificates, or on any document that has been notarized by a Notary Public in Los Angeles County, then Hollywood Notary.Net can help you get it quickly and easily! Please visit our website for details. Get your Apostille on your important documents with us- we usually get it to you within 24 business hours!

For fast Apostille Service of your Los Angeles County documents, call David at (323)393-5822.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Need A Notary Near Adams and Crenshaw? Call Hollywood Notary.Net

If you need a reliable, safe and professional place to get your documents notarized near Adams and Crenshaw, why not call Hollywood Notary.Net, a Professional Notary Public and Apostille Service? You can come to our location conveniently located on West Adams near Crenshaw, or, if you prefer, you can arrange a meeting at Starbucks (located on Crenshaw Blvd. and Washington Blvd) and get a special rate of only $10 per signature (no travel fee at this special Starbucks location!) We work by appointment only. Mobile Notary services are also available- check the website for details! Call David at (323)393-5822 to schedule your appointment now!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Hollywood Notary.Net is on Twitter!

Follow Hollywood Notary.Net on Twitter! The Twitter name to follow is "hollywoodnotary", of course!

Professional Notarization Is Just A Phone Call Away...

Need a Notary Public, but you want to be sure that your documents are being handled right? At Hollywood Notary.Net, we have tons of experience under our belt, having performed hundreds of notarizations over the last 2 years. In fact, we are proud of our work, and regularly keep up to date with developments with the Notary laws here in California. We also work closely with escrow and signing companies to provide loan signing services to clients all over Los Angeles County.

With our innovative Starbucks Special and our Netflix Special, you can save on Mobile Notary fees while still having some cash to enjoy some of the finer things in life!

For fast, professional Mobile Notary Service in Los Angeles County, please contact David Ransom at (323)393-5822.

Follow us on Twitter, too!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Need a Mobile Notary Public near Hancock Park? Call Hollywood Notary.Net

If you need a Mobile Notary Public near Hancock Park in Los Angeles, please consider using Hollywood Notary.Net, a professional Mobile Notary service in Los Angeles. Our customer service experience, Notary Public experience, and knowledge of the California Notary laws are just a few great reasons to use our service! Check out our special pricing on our website- our Hollywood Special, Starbucks Special and the Netflix Special- all designed to fit your budget. Whether you want service directly to your home, business or even to Starbucks on Highland Avenue or on Larchmont Boulevard, Hollywood Notary.Net will perform your Notary Public needs where you need it.

For fast service today, call David at (323)393-5822.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Mobile Notary Tip For The Day

If you are a Mobile Notary Public like I am, there's one simple rule that you must follow always: Keep your phone and your Notary supplies with you, at all times! You must always be prepared if someone calls you for business. If you live in Los Angeles or Hollywood and need a Notary Public to come to you, call David of Hollywood Notary.Net, at (323)393-5822.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Hollywood Notary. Net Now On Twitter!

You can now track Hollywood Notary.Net on Twitter! The name is "hollywoodnotary". I'm new at this, don't know how much I will use it, but if Barbara Walters can use it, I will try it out, too!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Hollywood Notary.Net offers 24-hour service in Los Angeles and Hollywood

If you are in need of a Notary Public late at night in Los Angeles, CA or Hollywood, CA, you should give Hollywood Notary.Net a call. We provide 24-hour Mobile Notary Service. After-hours and late night fees will apply- see our website for details! To book an appointment anytime, call David at (323)393-5822. Always leave a message- you will get a call back if we don't answer when you call!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Need an Apostille for South Korea? Let Hollywood Notary.Net get it for you!

If you need to get an Apostille from the Secretary of State of California quickly for South Korea, Hollywood Notary.Net offers a quick and convenient Apostille Service, where we can get your apostille for you, usually within 1 business day! Please visit our site for details.

For questions about the Apostille service or to book the service, call David at (323)393-5822.

Need a Notary Public near USC? Call Hollywood Notary.Net!

If you need a professional Notary Public near USC, please consider using Hollywood Notary.Net, a professional Mobile Notary service that offers walk-in appointments in West Adams, not far from USC in Los Angeles. We also offer a Starbucks Special, where you can meet at any local Starbucks near the USC Campus and save on Notary travel fees! Please see our website for more details.

To book an appointment, call David at (323)393-5822.

Hollywood Notary.Net

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Mobile Notary Service to Kaiser Permanente Medical Center West Los Angeles

If you need a Mobile Notary Public to travel to Kaiser Permanente Medical Center in West Los Angeles (at 6041 Cadillac Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90034), you should consider using Hollywood Notary.Net, a professional Mobile Notary Service. I live close to Kaiser Medical Center in West Los Angeles, and I can be there quickly if needed.

For fast Mobile Notary Service, call David at (323)393-5822.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Get Your Certificate of Good Standing Quick with Hollywood Notary.Net

If you need a Certificate of Good Standing quickly, use Hollywood Notary.Net to get it! For a grand total of $125 (which includes the $15 fee charged by the Secretary of State of California), I will get your Certificate of Good Standing for you, and ship it to you immediately with any shipping company that you choose. (Fed Ex is the preferred shipping method). For an additional $26 (for the Secretary of State), I can also get an Apostille or Certification for your Certificate of Good Standing- at no extra charge by me.

To order your Certificate of Good Standing or to get an Apostille for any document that has been signed by a County Clerk in California or any Notary Public within Los Angeles County, please call David at (323)393-5822.

Thank you for choosing Hollywood Notary.Net!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Notarize You Documents Economically at Starbucks with Hollywood Notary.Net's Starbucks Special

Do you like Starbucks, or any other coffee place like The Coffee Bean or Peet's Coffee? If so, and you have documents that you need notarized by a Notary Public, your dreams have come true. Hollywood Notary.Net has an innovative service that's called The Starbucks Special, where you can meet me, David L. Ransom Jr., a professional Notary Public, and have your documents notarized right there on the spot while you enjoy your favorite coffee, tea or other snack and while you enjoy the ambiance of Starbucks. Get away from work for a while, relax, drink your coffee and enjoy yourself while I take care of your documents for you! So, if you're trying to decide where to find a Notary Public, look no further than Hollywood Notary.Net. Oh, and the best part- you will get me to travel to any Starbucks (or Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf or Peet's Coffee or any other Coffee Place) for $15 plus $10 for one signature notarized. For every additional signature that you need notarized, I will take $2 off the $15 travel fee, up to the whole $15 travel fee- what a deal! So, coffee lovers- what are you waiting for? Call David at (323)393-5822 to set up your Notary Public at your favorite Starbucks today!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Inauguration Eve and Inauguration Special

Tomorrow Barack Obama will become our new President of the United States. It's an exciting time here in America. I don't plan to do a lot of work today, but I am willing to do some quick Notary work on Tuesday if someone needs it badly enough. My main goals on Tuesday, January 20, 2009, though, are to watch the inauguration on TV, to have some fun watching the parties on TV at home, and to learn my lines for my acting class on Wednesday night. I'm playing Felix in the play, "The Owl and the Pussycat", and I have a lot of lines to remember! I'm excited about having a new President, I'm excited that I'm going to get to perform something new in my class, and I'm excited about the great year that I'm going to have with Notary business in Hollywood! Help support me! Call David at (323)393-5822 if you need a Notary any time this year. Mention "The Inauguration Special" and get $5 off the travel fee to your home or business! Valid thru the end of January, 2009, but you MUST mention it to get it!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A Notary Needs Sleep, Too!

Sometimes I am such a workaholic that I forget that I need to rest! I mean, while I do get plenty of time to rest, I never want to go to sleep at a decent hour. They say that you need 8 hours of sleep to be really healthy. That's what I'm going to strive for from now on, whether I need to go to bed earlier or sleep late!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Notary Public Service at Disney's Grand Californian Resort, Diseyland Resort

If you need a Notary Public at Disney's Grand Californian Resort or anywhere at the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim California on January 1 or January 2, 2009, I will be there and available to notarize your documents. Just call David at (323)393-5822 to schedule an appointment, and I'll meet you there!