Monday, March 21, 2011

Hollywood Notary.Net Offers Fantastic Apostille Service

If you don't have the time to go get an Apostille or Authentication for your documents that are going overseas and if you want to use an expert Apostille Service, you should use Hollywood Notary.Net, a professional Mobile Notary and Apostille and Authentications Service. I can get an Apostille on any document that has been signed by any County Clerk in California. This includes Birth Certificates, Marriage Certificates, and Death Certificates issued by County Clerks in California. It also includes any documents that have been notarized by a California Notary Public, but which have also had the Notary's signature authenticated by the County Clerk's office where the Notary Public has his or her commission. I only charge $95 for this service (and that includes the $26 charge that will be charged by the Secretary of State). This service takes 1 business day to perform.

For documents that have been notarized by Notaries in Los Angeles or Orange County in California, I offer an additional service: I can get the Notary Authentication for you, and then get the Apostille. I charge $140 for this service for the first such document, and $75 for each additional document.

To order service, please use my Apostille Order Form For California Documents.

For questions about our service, please call David at (323)393-5822. Para asistancia en Espanol, llame a Jaime, a (323)523-7430.

Have A Notary Your Way In Los Angeles With The Starbucks Special

If you need a Notary Public in Los Angeles, and you want to get out of the house or out of the office and get really personalized, amazing service, please consider using my Starbucks Special. With the Starbucks Special, I will travel to a pre-designated Starbucks location (or other coffee shop or food place) that we agree upon, and you will pay only a $20 travel fee plus ten dollars per notarization. To top it off, you can order yourself some coffee or tea, and just relax while we take care of business!

I've been told by a few of my customers that the Starbucks Special is a great service, and that they never knew that going to a Notary could be such a pleasant experience! Besides, you'll be getting a Notary who knows what he's doing, and who's been doing business in Hollywood and around Los Angeles for over 4 years now! I'm a Hollywood Chamber of Commerce Member, too!

So call me, David, at (323)393-5822 to schedule your Starbucks special.