Sunday, April 26, 2015

Get Your Notary Work Done Professionally at Starbucks in Los Angeles! Starbucks Special!

If you are in Los Angeles and need to get your documents notarized on Sunday, it can be challenging sometimes.  We are here to help!  Hollywood Notary Dot Net offers a Starbucks Special, where you can travel to us and get your documents professionally and quickly notarized at any Starbucks location within 8 miles of our office!  We offer this service every day.  On Sundays, we offer the service from 11:30AM to 4:00PM.

With the Starbucks Special, you only pay a $20 travel fee for us to come to your specified Starbucks location, plus a Notary fee of $10 per notarized signature.   Find out what many smart Angelenos already know- the Starbucks Special rocks!  You can drink your favorite Starbucks beverage while enjoying the ambiance of the music, and getting your documents handled with utmost care and attention!  We guarantee to do it right!

Another great thing about the Starbucks Special is this: it also works at Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, Urth Cafe,  Winchell's and even McDonald's, if it's within 8 miles of our office!

So what are you waiting for?  Call David at (323)393-5822 and book your Starbucks Special to get those papers that you've been putting off notarized today!

Thank you for choosing Hollywood Notary Dot Net!

Authentication Services for Legal Documents Be Used in China

If you have documents signed in California that are to be used legally in China, Hollywood Notary Dot Net provides Chinese Document Legalization Services for businesses and individuals in California.  Consult with us to get your documents properly legalized!  We have provided Chinese document legalization services for many clients, including law firms, businesses, and individuals.  Whether you have vital records, lawsuit documents, Power of Attorney, business formation documents, or other legal documents, we can get your authentications done quickly!  

With our service, we will guide you to getting your documents notarized properly and gathering the required supporting documentation needed for authentication.    We are experts at getting documents authenticated at the Chinese Consulate! 

We authenticate documents through the Chinese Consulate in Los Angeles, as well as the Chinese Embassy in Washington DC.  We can accept documents either by mail or in person.  We can notarize your documents (if you make an appointment with us to come to our office in Los Angeles, or if we come to you), and we can get your documents authenticated with the California Secretary of State.     

For more information about our services (including processing times and pricing), please call David Ransom at (323)393-5822, or send him an email at:

Thank you for choosing Hollywood Notary Dot Net!