Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Need a Notary in zip codes 90036 and 90004? Use Hollywood Notary.Net

Hollywood Notary.Net offers Mobile Notary Service to homes and businesses in Hancock Park and surrounding areas of Los Angeles, including Larchmont Village. Of course, we also service all of Hollywood!

For prompt, professional Mobile Notary Public Service, please call David Ransom at (323)393-5822

Friday, September 9, 2011

Save Money, Drink Coffee with the Starbucks Special with Hollywood Notary.Net in Los Angeles

If you have documents that need to be notarized, such as a Power of Attorney, Sworn Affidavit, Parental Travel Letter, or other important document, Hollywood Notary.Netoffers a Starbucks Special, where you can meet Professional Notary Public David Ransom at any Starbucks location in the city of Los Angeles and get your documents notarized for a low travel fee of $15 plus $10 per notarized signature! On top of that, if you have more than 1 notarized signature during your appointment, you will receive an additional multi-signature discount!

Our Starbucks Special allows you to get out of the office, relax, and enjoy the ambiance of Starbucks. It also allows you to keep other office people out of your business, if you want it that way.

Because we are flexible, this Starbucks Special also extends to Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf locations in Los Angeles, as well as McDonald's, if that' what you want- but we prefer Starbucks. Aaaah, Starbucks! Love the music, the atmosphere, and what a great place to get your documents notarized. You will also get the best Notary Public service anywhere in the County of Los Angeles- right there at your Starbucks table, for one low price.

If you are seeking Apostille Services with us, the Starbucks Special is a great deal, too, because you will save at least $5 off our normal travel fee to your home or office- just ask about the Apostille/Starbucks Special Combination.

To schedule your Starbucks Special appointment for Notary Service, please call David, at (323)393-5822. Thank you!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

24 Hour Notary Service Available with Hollywood Notary.Net

At Hollywood Notary.Net, I accept customers and respond to your needs 24 hours a day. However, if you are calling me between the hours of 11PM and 7:30AM, please keep in mind that you are calling during what I consider "after hours" times. Please call during these hours only if you need Emergency Notary Service, in which case you should be prepared to spend at least $60.00 for walk-in service during these hours, and a minimum of $125.00 for Mobile Notary Service. Please do not call for a quote during these hours, unless you are prepared to spend the above minimum amounts. I value my sleep and all my time, as I am sure that you do, too. If you wake me up, you will have to pay for the premium service. Thank you!