Friday, December 1, 2017

Mobile Notary Service to Century City, Los Angeles, CA- Use Hollywood Notary Dot Net

If you need a professional Mobile Notary to visit your home or office in Century City in Los Angeles, California, Hollywood Notary Dot Net offers fast, efficient Mobile Notary Services to your area.  After you call or text us at (323)393-5822, we can have a Notary at your place in as little as an hour.  No job is too big or too small for us!   We can notarize any document that is allowed, by California law.  Common documents that we notarize are: Grant Deeds, Deeds of Trust, Statement of Consent (for getting US Passports for minors), Spousal Consent,  Parental Permission for Travel Letters,  Receipts,  court documents, Affidavits, and countless other types of documents.

Notary Services include: Acknowledgments, Oaths, Jurats.  Each notarial act is $15 each.  Discounts are available for multiple signatures- please ask about it!

We pride ourselves in doing a Notary job correctly the first time.  David Ransom, the owner, has been a full-time California Notary Public for 11 1/2 years now, and just began his 4th Notary Commission, and passed his latest State Exam with a 97% score.  On his previous State Exam,  David scored 100%.  David pays attention to detail, and is highly proficient in speaking and composing in the English language.  David is also a proficient Spanish speaker and also writes well in Spanish.  David also has studied 4 years of the French language.

 David is an expert at notarizing and authenticating documents that will be used in other countries, at the State, Federal and Consulate/Embassy level, and can get your document signed, notarized and authenticated for use in practically any country in the world where business is done.  David has consulted for executives of major corporations to assist them with finding solutions to their Authentications challenges.   Some countries that we frequently get Apostilles and Authentications for are: Mexico, China, Colombia, Guatemala, Kuwait, Qatar, Egypt, the Philippines, Indonesia, South Korea,  Argentina, Venezuela, Russia, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Spain, France, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, Lebanon, Turkey, Germany, Poland, Italy, Switzerland, South Africa, India, Thailand and Japan.

Finally, David is an expert Fed Ex shipper (having worked at Fed Ex for 16 solid years, and shipped both domestically and internationally with them through Hollywood Notary Dot Net for 11 years.  David has also shipped extensively with the United States Postal Service.  Because UPS does not insure packages or allow a declared value for documents, David does not ship with UPS at all, and advises his clients to only use Fed Ex when possible, because Fed Ex has demonstrated to be the most reliable shipping company.

For your convenience, we accept cash, business checks, credit card payments, and western union as payment for services.  Services are payable immediately after they are rendered, although we do allow clients to pre-pay if they want.  Clients must pay for any parking fees that we incur when visiting you in Century City.

To schedule our Mobile Notary Services, please call David Ransom at (323)393-5822.  

Thank you for choosing Hollywood Notary Dot Net! 

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